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'THE DEAL UNDONE: Pakistan, its Army and the Americans' explores the strenuous relationship between the Pakistan - US military establishments in light of the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The documentary analyzes this relationship following the 9/11 attacks in the United States and the onset of the War on Terror. From a friendship rediscovered in the early years of the war on terror to growing mistrust with an eventual breakdown following the killing of Bin-Laden, the documentary identifies the fall out from misappropriation of coalition support funds and the Kerry-Lugar-Berman funds in 2009. The KLB, along with the Coalition support fund are seen as catalysts for 'THE DEAL UNDONE'.

A project that began as an M.A Politics thesis at Columbia University, 'The Deal Undone: Pakistan, Its Army and the Americans', ended up with over forty hours of interviews from key players directly involved in the Pakistan-US dynamic, both in Islamabad and Washington.

Exploring the contested relationship through the eyes of those involved in the US-Pakistan dynamic following the September 11 attacks, the documentary reveals an internal contention within Pakistan between the civilian government and the military hierarchy over American funds. Contention which is encouraged by the Americans, who always end up favoring convenient military dictatorships over democracy.

The 30 minute documentary casts a grim future for the US-Pakistan military relationship. A demise that has genesis in the deal undone, after 9/11.